Cooper’s War

Cast size: 6
3M, 3F

Cooper’s War is a fierce and funny meta-theatrical intersection of sex, politics, race, war and Halloween. With the presidential election approaching, members of an extended family hope not to fight over their political beliefs at their backyard barbeque and instead embrace the spirit of Halloween: their own fears. As Cooper, who has just returned from the Afghanistan war with PTSD, grapples with his emotional demons, others are forced to face their own dark sides and reveal the cruelties they themselves are capable of. How do we live with ourselves when we cannot forgive ourselves for something we’ve done?

The Light
at Arles

Cast size: 5 
2M, 3F 

Anne has always dreamed of becoming an artist. With her marriage on the rocks, she travels with her sassy daughter Sarah to the French village where Van Gogh painted. She meets Daniel who is there with his dying mother Rose, attended to by the local doctor Philippe. How can we live when tragedy haunts us?  How do our hopes and fantasies help us and hinder us?  A tender comedy exploring the importance of delusions in love, art and life.

Scary Whispers,
Tiny Bites 

Cast size: 17-22
2M, 3F, 12-17 Any

When Owen’s parents drop her off at summer camp, she soon discovers she is in an insane asylum and her parents are gone forever. Owen struggles to survive, sometimes in funny ways, among a wild cast of characters including: a girl who only grunts, a despondent clown, a woman who only talks to her hand puppet. This is the heartfelt tale of real people who, like us all, are handicapped in unexpected ways and have to find unique paths to safety, friendship, love and home.

Titanic: Live!

Cast size: 14-35+ with 11 lead roles
(4M, 3F, 7-28 any)

This parody celebrates the love story of romantic Rose and not-quite-all-there Jack — a tale that resonates so strongly that its heart shines through, no matter how much comedy it been found in it! Both tender and hilarious, Titanic: Live! includes cue cards and a kit for audience participation (which can include squirt guns, if you’d like). Even someone looking suspiciously like Celine Dion makes an appearance! This show has been a huge hit in multiple cities.

The French Revolution: Live!

A Comedy of Terrors

Cast size: 14 – 31 with 10 lead roles
(4M, 3F, 14-24 Any)

What happens when rebellious people barely out of their teens suddenly find themselves in charge of the French Revolution then running the country? Their world runs amok — sometimes comically and sometimes tragically. And in the midst of it all, you find the love story of Danton and his wife, the combative Robespierre, a horse that almost seems to talk, and a very tiny soldier who looks a lot like Napoleon. The audience participates, speaking from cue cards and even learning to speak French (badly) as the show begins.

When We Were Heroes

Cast size: 14-25 with 7 lead roles
(7-10M, 7F plus singers: 1-3M, 3-5F)

A highly personal drama that follows eight young people — three close-knit girls and those around them — as they experience World War II from different vantage points, both overseas and at home. This play utilizes actual video footage and radio broadcasts, which are optionally provided with the script. 

Other Plays Include

The End of the Beginning (commissioned by the Denver Center, adapted from the book by Newbery Award-winning author Avi)
Joy! (U.S. representative to the World Festival of Children’s Theatre)
See The Moon (adapted from the writings of Donald Barthelme)
Miss Furr and Miss Skeene
(adapted from the short piece by Gertrude Stein)